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Oezsoft provide middleware, face recognization based security solutions and hardware products, and encryption solutions with integrated, perpendicular technology.

(Face Recognition Solutions)

OezFR is a leading recognition success and fast processing technology that provides face recognition in a wide range of areas.

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EzWay 4.0

Provides reliable data transfer and processing technology based on TP monitor middleware.

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 EzCrypto 2.0
(Encryption Solution)

Provides a validated encryption server system based on certificate issuance, key management, and encryption applied in various fields.

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(Face Recognition Terminal)

FACELOG provides a wide range of face recoginition services and improved performance.

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​ Understand and Know-how Across the IT Field

Constant value added through use of object-aware technologies, ​ security expertise, and big data

With an understanding of the various industries and an expertise in the IT field, Oezsoft provides comprehensive IT services, including consulting, system deployment, and operation, to customers at home and abroad. In response to the rapid evolution of smart technologies and Biometric Driven Professional Solutions, new areas of business expertise are used to deliver new value to customers and businesses.

Fin Tech Service

​ FinTech is a new type of service by the convergence of IT and finance, innovation of financial industry

Face Recognition Solution

Application of face recognition engines with fast processing speed and low metadata is superior to other industries

Lottery Solution

A company that can develop and develop the only solution for online lottery counterintelligence and electronic lottery issuance system in Korea.


Create a world that bestows the confines of Dreams and Technology


Certificate of suitability for the first time in the face recognition company's distributed transaction service from the KFTC

OezSoft's face recognition technology is the first face recognition company to receive a distributed transaction certificate from the KFTC.

Several fingerprint recognition companies and finger vein and hand vein recognition companies are currently certified, but OezSoft is the only certified face recognition company available on ATM and Universal Mobile.

In particular, Oezsoft prevents photo bypass issues currently being challenged on Samsung Galaxy S8, so it can be used for financial transaction, payment, and certification purposes.

With Live Detection, you can not bypass face recognition with pictures or video to avoid face recognition photo attacks.

* Live Detect : A feature called Liveness Check, or Face Anti-Spoofing, that distinguishes between images or images taken from the  subject in the camera.

  • Certificate of K-NBTC from KISA

  • Certificate of Distributed transaction suitability from KFTC

Communication between Man and Technology

OezSoft is breaking the boundaries between technology and dreams.

It is not easy for many technologies to handle changes in different media and fast market in economic logic premises that require maximum effectiveness at minimum cost. In order to commercialisation the technologies that we breathe with us, we need a strategic partner who also wants to realize the belief that our customer experience is a technology.

OezSoft is 

Provide your customers with a more integrated combination of service-based technologies such as general web commercial systems, entertainment and game systems, and social networking systems that they interact with the business or with customers.

The Power of human technology

In the most basic logic that can be strengthened easily through communication with people soon, it is a self-developed security solution based on mass data analysis and processing, as well as highly accumulated technology of lottery ticket issuing system, face recognition software, practical-based social network service engine We are constantly striving to become an optimal partner to enhance the corporate value of the company by providing an integrated solution platform through diverse and substantial technologies.

The belief that a man is a skill,

OezSoft is a collection of people who dream of the future of technology that is constantly used and utilized.


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